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    Hodgson was eventually fired, but when accepts the sky sports Saturday football programme interview, former England international, Arsenal star Merson was pointed out, Glen – Johnson the terrible state is also a Liverpool record worst and eventually led to Hodgson’s class is a big reason, therefore, Johnson in micro-blog Twitter immediately responded.

    Rumors of Hodgson did to Johnson’s condition had expressed dissatisfaction, of course, the Liverpool squad have a responsibility, therefore, the black star in the Twitter wrote: one from alcoholism guest comments don’t make me feel trouble, Paul Merson is who? He is at his peak level also very general, he is now on the show because he gambled away all his money (Merson in 1990 time once alcohol, cocaine and gambling).

    Obviously, Hodgson is the arch-criminal, former Liverpool defender Phil Thompson believes,nike free womens, Hodgson really should not offend the fans, fans finally let him after class, because he once declared, he has never received