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    Brazil Wellington, striker Demba bar will be frozen,nike air huarache, midfielder salihovic suspension.

    Betting advice

    Bremen 6 and Huo Cun 4 wins and 1 draws and 1 defeats, including 3 fight unbeaten at home. Hoffenheim spate of personnel changes, the morale of the troops is not steady, Bremen advantage.


    March 19th report:

    On Saturday, Arsenal will be in the League Challenge West Brom, opponent is not strong, Wenger is really concerned about is that Arsenal their problems.

    In a short span of 2 weeks were missed the three grand champion, Wenger admitted that Arsenal team morale was badly hit, more importantly, now Arsenal are no one can stand out to raise the morale of the team, and 03 / 04 to create the undefeated season when Henry was still in sharp contrast: that team was very depressed we are in the Champions League, losing to Chelsea, then back to the league and lost to Liverpool in the first half, at halftime, the players need a pep talk, on that day, Henry