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    not accustomed to such training without the ball. This phase of training place temporarily is uncertain, but according to the Milky Way battleship to usual practice, is very likely to be a European an exquisite scenery charming town.

    The team will return after Barr Valdebebas stadium began formal training, goal is in August 14th started the Spanish Super cup. La Liga last season Champions and Cup Champions Cup final two of income in the capsule, and the new season of the Spanish Football League also will be the most beautiful national Derby opening, if feel on the season 18 continuous days of 4 century wars not enough fans also have the opportunity to continue to enjoy the Real Madrid, Barcelona dialog.

    Finally, Marca also refers to the team this season’s first signings, that is Shaheen,Cheap Nike Air Max, because Bernabeu in doctors of knee injury, the Turks will be one week earlier than the rest of his back.


    Time: April 21st (Wednesday) at twenty-three thirty