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    defeated opponent, but the use of rules allow loopholes cheat, cheap. In the course of time, regardless of his assistant coaches or players, are used to the free edge of smart in the rules of play, and gradually applied to the game. The results,nike free 6.0 mens, and intense competition, Chinese players will not be like the past encounter unfair decisions with the referee, and rival noisy, make the mistake. As long as the rules are allowed, whether reasonable or not, the players must comply with. This is a game, but also in life. He claimed that football should be happy, don’t give it too heavy. The players after ten strong match, the summoning of all admire. His happy football theory is true edutainment. Players are no burden, peace of mind to treat each game. After the ten season, whether it is the football association officials and the fans will recognize, psychological stability is China’s biggest progress.


    He emphasized the team consciousness, he thinks the team not indispensable