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    competition also contribute non-labor. Most people unforgettable, but is privately to open the bus crash. In January 8, 2009, good make fun of Ribery while Bayern bus driver to sit, rushing into the driver’s seat,nike free 2 mens, carrying his teammates ahead from the hotel to the training base, and immediately lost on bus control, crashed into a hotel at the entrance to the two signs. Fortunately no injuries, otherwise it will be a nightmare.

    Remembering, Ribery joked: the open bus, no, no, it’s too dangerous. In the previous two years, the French to wacky is known, and a transfer dispute let his actions more special, Ribery has put Fan Biteng’s socks shear, Kahn poured into soaked through, the Podolsky door coated with toothpaste……

    Now Ribery and Bayern contract, marking his maturity, it was a difficult time, I always have no reason to make fun of people, go to the funny, the whole world seems to know. Ribery said, but now my heart to enjoy football, in an extremely tranquil.

    Ribery’s take on an