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    home games, helps team Taida rest and prepare for war, is a good chance to score. It is for consideration, TEDA will end up with team Shenzhen’s first game scheduled in April 1st, although in the opener before the game, but can be increased with a day to prepare for it.

    TEDA team have four two with guest, especially in April 20th and April 24th, TEDA team will continue to challenge Melbourne and Changchun Yatai victory, May 11th to May 15th, will continue to challenge the Osaka steel Pakistan and Shanghai shenhua. This two even the guest, is because the AFC Champions League opponents are caused, can not be underestimated. How to adjust the good state, especially from overseas to domestic travel long distances on physical impact, are the team Taida needs to solve the problem.

    In addition,kids ugg classic short, the Derby fans concerned respectively in June 26th and October 22nd, the first customer master schedule, lets Taida has more initiative.

    It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the Football