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    also selected the national team, have African ancestry Balotelli is to be reused, from this point of view, Burang Deli had no reason to will Mota shut sb.

    Previously, Burang Deli in recruits Ledesma and make this explanation: I hope the Italy midfielder has more technical players! At that time,nike free run 4.0 womens, Burang Deli words also laid an important hint: Ledesma is definitely not the last one was selected for the Italy team foreign players, I never closed the door Italy team player.

    In 14, when accepts Italy media interview, Burang Deli to give a positive answer: maxi – Lopez, Tiago – Mota, Sara? They are of the very strong strength of the players in each team, is also the important role, of course I will consider them, because now the team’s goal, is to be able to reach the European Cup, I think they can help the team.

    I have their own set of candidate solutions, I know when to choose them, I believe a lot of players in the technical aspects can already meet the requirements. Burang Deli’s words,