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    Beijing to replace foreign aid UPS

    We just finished the regular season against opponents in preparing for the playoffs, with the regular season is completely different, we cannot use the regular season level to measure the Beijing team. Battelle introduced the Xinjiang team to prepare for the situation.

    Strong Xinjiang team did not despise Beijing team, Battelle said: Beijing is a very good team, can take the regular season to measure the level of his,google uggs outlet, because to the playoffs, each team’s condition is not the same, there may be no regular season that simple. The Beijing team all have very good players, but they may not converge, temporary state is not very good, but do not represent the back of the game will be in this way, I believe that they will become better and better.

    The club’s history to win the first championship, the Xinjiang team up and down the unprecedented unity, Battelle also said this year won the biggest opponent is yourself. Core of Battelle and foreign aid Dolby in