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    been amputated. He have lose confidence to the life, loves Lena later and his wife moved to Paris. Until see Golf theme movie, by Willl Smith and Matt Dimon starred in return to glory, he was deeply touched. The very next day, encouraged Santos to the practice field,uggs outlet online for cheap, losing prosthesis by 7 iron fierce batting. You know, this is his first time to play golf, but in the fourth lever hit 220 yards of the astonishing achievement. Even the practice field boss was shocked and moved, they told Santos to make as many balls hit the number of balls. But they did not think of is, Santos the day he can hit 2000 balls, day

    One day, year after year. In 2004 April, he picked up a golf club for years to come, and not the use of prosthetic, and only one leg to play, but he became occupation player, and participated in various global high level events.

    He started day 100 sit-up to enhance upper limb muscle exercise, and frame crutches, carrying one or two bags exercise walking. Before practice every day for 2000