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    Cicinho expect him at the end of the lease after the return to Rome.

    Malaga and Rome during the winter transfer market to open before finalizing the deal for Baptista. The two clubs agreed to 2500000 euros, Baptista Fei Yongjiu joined the Malaga. In January 4th, Malaga announced that Baptista joined through the official website. In January 5th, Baptista in the Rose Garden Club debut. Since the debut has been nearly 10 days, Malaga participated in two games. Among them, Baptista has the condition in the same Athletic Bilbao in his debut. However, Baptista has not appeared. The root of the problem is that,boots uggs outlet for women reviews, in the transfer after the completion of Malaga failed to timely payment.

    According to Rome sports newspaper statement, Rome will this thing through the Italy Football Association informed the Spanish FA, which informed the Malaga in Baptista must complete the deal. From Aspen newest report shows, Malaga successfully solves this problem, the club will have Baptista’s transfer to submit to Rome