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    position 4 storm time and again suffocate suffocate of Tianjin, women’s volleyball coach Liu Xiaoming in after training yesterday put forward his idea: I asked the setter in the processing of the half in place of the ball when will try to attack the ball organization tactics. This is not what it was just an idea, plan, hope can be a solution to the problem.

    Yesterday, Tianjin Women’s volleyball training atmosphere and not so nervous,nike free run 4.0 womens, players wear tracksuit colors are very beautiful, give a person a kind of relaxed feeling. In a training, the players between encourage each other, each time a player to pick up a big smash, teammates will call a strike. . Apparently, Tianjin women did not defeat demoralized.

    Morale is low is a good thing, but wants to win must find ways in training, spiker Chen Liyi in the training gap pulling Xiao Yu Zhang at the side of the practice ball, she spiking side guidance Xiao Yu Zhang: you look at my hand to determine placement. After dozens of ball after practice,