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    in the man of sin. The first battle, Van Bommel and played 53 minutes. During the pass 33 times, 30 times, and had 1 steals and 2 interceptions, statistical data on the passable, but because at the crucial moment of offside errors lead to lose the ball, the captain of the Holland final work is over.

    Only the opening 10 minutes, Palermo took the lead with the first broke the deadlock. The left corner, between the player through a series of complexes by Geyi left-footed volley score. Palermo after the break, Milan players of Geyi is offside, but actually Van Bommel offside when drag in the final, not only not offside but is a good. The Holland captain offside faults, Palermo also has the lead. It is worth mentioning that, this is afterwards Milan after a draw with Barry Van Bommel’s second turnovers gifts.

    Early goal of Milan began to fall into a passive, but by virtue of the team’s overall positive Pinqiang, the Rossoneri eventually set the rhythm. However,nike free flyknit, due to Ibrahimovic in the last round